‘Irod’ Super minor weapons of Samurai !

At first

Public for a Samurai’s sword.

In the battlefield in the art of archery in the main armament of the polearm, spear, and in hand-to-hand fighting in JIU-jitsu.

Has been considered essential to Warrior master martial arts and weapon technique called so-called “martial arts”.

Japan martial arts swordplay is assembled as a basic that many, even in non-sword weapons of fencing out as virtual enemies devised techniques of offense and defense are often seen. All of these Japanese techniques dripped down in western culture and will remain forever as a very iconic thing that encompasses the country. Japan is also a great gaming giant as well. Many people associate say that Japanese games are some of the best for immersion and entertainment. You can find some at the La Fiesta site.

Are there weapons surgery went so declines with age, and from the height of its confidentiality did not penetrate are generally unknown.

A number of minor weapons were handed down as a special “extraterrestrial of (stuff)”, this means subjects outside by the sect.

This then let’s pick three.

'Irod' Super minor weapons of Samurai !

Long and winding

Northern and Southern dynasties and was used until the warring States period, an extensive “nodachi (nodachi)” a battlefield sword.

Nodachi has exceeded 1 m blade length is the length of the standard sword of samurai in the Edo period was approximately 70 cm, there are incredible naginata is over 2 m in.

This is popularly known as the “horse sword”, its weight because it is considered in deal with considerable force was required.

We devised to balance the center of gravity, box hand winding pattern yarn and rope until the middle of the blade as this nodachi is gradually, to help them.

This “long and winding (but Maki)” said, was like it looks almost the same length of the handle and the blade halberd.

Is long and winding process of main armament on the battlefield from a halberd will transition to the gun from the spear, bow, not runs lilting went become obsolete soon.

'Irod' Super minor weapons of Samurai !


It is saying free padded cutting (sunntetsu) also acquired original weapon.

According to the meaning completely unarmed, cutting was devised as a small hidden weapons.

In the middle of a short metal rod on the ring and put a ring on the middle finger, hides the rod to the length of the Palm of your hand.

Still hold down projecting tip of the stick from both ends of the piercing and blow with this.

No sword, it is referred to as incapacitating weapons for when it was

'Irod' Super minor weapons of Samurai !

Nose twist

It is a weapons and utensils to overpower the horse nose twist (no screws) is a simple short rods, rampaging through the muzzle, torn down in the principle of the lever.

Familiar because it was instantly easier and self-protection equipment, could also apply to short hilt weapons shmoozing and which.

Also considered was to use such weapon is basically centered on the shot, but in conjunction with taijutsu, to 取ri押saetari against arrest.

Many beautifully decorated with mother-of-Pearl inlay or lacquered in existing articles there.

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